luni, 8 septembrie 2008

Hayssam, in debt to several companies from Suceava

The chairman of the National Agency of Fiscal Administration, Daniel Chiţoiu, after having assessed the patrimony of the companies of the Syrian businessman, Omar Hayssam, stated that some creditors will remain unpaid. In Nehoiu, the chief of the fiscal institution stated that “the first priority will be social budgets, being in debt with the social and health insurance and also with the state budget ", and afterwards "the creditors with high priority mortgages on the respective assets and the unsecured creditors shall be paid ". "He (Omar Hayssam - n.r.) is not in debt only in Buzău, but also in Bucharest and Suceava. Until now his patrimony was not assessed but I estimate that 75-80 per cent of credits will be covered", stated Chiţoiu.