vineri, 22 februarie 2008

Getting Acquainted on an International Scale

We were in Poland for a "Getting Acquainted Conference." This was a European Union (EU) funded project to bring together agencies from different countries to see if they could create projects to encourage youth participation.

Our agencies/teams were: two environmental groups, one from Poland and one from Hungary; a team of college students from Bucaresti, Romania; and our agency which works with teachers and kids in Suceava, Romania.

During the three days of the conference, we mostly played games: egg drop (we had the engineer on our team so it took us longer to develop the perfect catching structure, but of course, it was the best), curtain (where we have to shout out each other's names), snail (the group winds into a human ball and tried to negotiate stairs (!). We also drew pictures, learned each other's dances (I really loved the Polish dance), and showed off stuff from our cultures. Narcisa (nahr-chee-sah) wore a traditional Romanian costume that had been embroidered by her grandmother.

The most fun activity was a drum class. It was totally cool! Some people (like the nerdy engineer and the nerdy philologist) had the hardest time keeping time. But by the end of a few hours, they were playing right along with the rest of us. Very nice!


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